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Fight against size-zero modeling!

Hi all! Here is a motivational post for any of you who are suffering from an eating disorder :) Anyone who is interested in the fight against size-zero modeling should also read this post! I hope that It helps anyone who needs it or who is willing to help :)

Basically I have been looking for motivation to keep fighting anorexia because I recently came out of hospital for it (about a month ago) and i was really struggling and had a lapse almost going back to my old ways. Even my dreams showed me going back into hosital!
 But then I decided to do something about this before It got worse and I started a motivation door:

This basically includes images of curvy celebrities who are gorgeous as they embrace their feminine curves, as well as articles about girls who have overcome anorexia and are now promoting healthy body image-this is now my aim in life; promote healthy body image (hopefully through becoming a plus size model), help in the campaign against size zero modeling, and through these things help to decrease the number of people who suffer from eating disorders as a result of negative images etc...

My blog will be going through my journey from now onwards and explaining my good and bad days and how I strive to achieve the little steps towards becoming a plus size model. Throughout i will also include helpful links to sites that may help people with eating disorders, as well as hoping to give a positive outlook that might also help :) Even if i can just help people through my blog and don't get the dream it will still be worth all of the difficulties that i know i will have to go through. There will also be links to sites campaigning against size zero modeling.

So please give it a shot. Follow my blog (you need to get a bloggers account in order to do so, but it only takes seconds) and follow my tough journey. I hope i can help some of you! I know its only just started but that means you can follow me the whole way through. I promise it will get more interesting as it goes on and your support means the world to me.

Be strong everyone, and just remember that we ALL will suffer through bad days, but the good days are the ones that really matter!!!

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